Beyond the scan room

Whether you want to travel as part of your job, up sticks and move to another country to try your hand in another culture, take time out to recuperate from your busy schedule or simply find out where and how others in the field are working, our travel insights are just what you are looking for. Gain insights into what other ultrasound professionals are doing and turn your dreams into reality following in the footsteps of others. Read our articles and profiles from other ultrasound professionals who dared to break the mold and used their life saving skill set to step out of their comfort zone change their own lives through travel and adventure.

  • Moving overseas
  • Traveling Sonographers
  • Locum Sonographers
  • Charitable work and volunteering
  • Helping others
  • Military Sonographers
  • Career breaks

Are you a traveling or locum sonographer or ultrasound professional? Have you visited any interesting places as part of your job? Have you moved to another country and had the time of your life?

Would you like to inspire others in the field to take the plunge? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch!