The Alexander Technique is a well documented educational process that is used to retain habitually poor habits in posture and movements and has also been shown to have benefits on mental health and stress reduction. Created by Frederick Matthias Alexander, the man premise is unlearning unhelpful or harmful habits of movement and posture that have developed over time and lead to pain in many areas of the body.

More and more hospitals, particularly in ultrasound departments, are now offering training training in the The Alexander Technique. The tools can be used not just while scanning but also on a day to basis during normal activities (some of which crossover into sonography such as the way we sit or get out of a chair) to offer a holistic change in habits that can benefit both the mind and body for the long term. Advocates of the technique state that the benefits are lifelong and, once you begin ‘unlearning’ bad habits, the results can be astonishing.

Angela Bradshaw, a practicing sonographer, who was struck with work-related musculoskeletal injury and who is now a big proponent of the technique.

Sonographer, Angela Bradshaw’s TEDX talk discusses the benefits of the Alexander Technique.