Small, Portable and Practical

The Butterfly iQ technology is perfectly crafted to be able to deliver an complete ultrasound system that fit in your pocket. The world’s first whole body ultrasound system that simply plugs into your phone or tablet. This unique technology offers a curved, phased or linear beam all in one portable probe. No need to change the probe – just change the preset in the app. You can even send your images to the HIPAA compliant Butterfly cloud which can be configured so that images send automatically to your local PACS.

A Technological Revolution

What Makes The Technology So Innovative?

Not only does the Butterfly iQ fit an entire ultrasound machine into the a product that fit’s into the palm of your hand, but the cost is dramatically reduced. In addition, the chips that drive Butterfly IQ not only contain the transducer and its piezoelectric elements, but also a great deal of signal processing and computational power to create a truly magnificent image in the form of a curved, phased or linear beam.

Award Winning Technology

Ultrasound on a chip with some smart software and artificial intelligence.  This unique technology manages o use modern computing technology to radically change how we are able to image the body. The Butterfly iQ is able to do all of the things that a $50,000 machine can do for just $2,000. And this is what makes it a total game changer. 

But what about image quality?

The images from the Butterfly iQ appear to speak for themselves. Clear, high resolution and with excelletn frame rates. In addition, the ability to switch seamlessly from a curved to linear array and vice versa offers obvious benefits in a clinical setting. 

Pleural Effusion

Vertebral Artery


Deep Vein Thrombosis

Fetal Kidney

Renal Flow

The Butterfly iQ In Action

Hurricane Dorian Relief with the Butterfly iQ.

User Experience

Unboxing and first impressions of the Butterfly iQ by Elias Jaffa. To follow his channel click here.

User experience by Rishi Kumar, a cardiothoracic anesthesiologist and POC advocate. To follow his channel click here.

Demonstration of the Butterfly iQ in action by Ultrasound Techniques. To follow her channel click here