5 reasons to have a sonography side hustle

Should you have a side hustle?

Reasons sonographers should have a side hustle

  1. Let’s be honest, ultrasound takes its toll on your body. While ultrasound manufacturers are developing more ergonomically considerate machines and there is an increasing awareness among staff and managers of the importance of safe ergonomics, workloads of increasingly becoming more and more overburdened. In the near future at least, work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD) don’t appears to be going anywhere. So, is some ways its best to hedge your bests then at least, if the worst comes to the worst, you have a second income stream to fall back on.
  2. A decent side hustle can supplement your income meaning that you can reduce your scanning hours and put less strain on your body in order to reduce the risk of injury, or even prevent it altogether. As long your side hustle isn’t going out digging holes in the ground for six hours a day this will hopefully give your back, neck, arms and shoulders a well-earned rest.
  3. If you chose you keep your side hustle on the side and continue being a full-time sonographer, you can use the extra money to pay off debts (house, car, credit cards) earlier and maybe even retire earlier. If you make it past middle age and are still working in your sixties, the risk of work-related injury becomes greater so retiring from ultrasound before this may be doubly beneficial.
  4. You’ll develop skills in selling, finance, leadership and management that will benefit you if you want to move into other roles more managerial roles or sales down the line if you fancy a change in career direction.
  5. Sonography is widely used but relatively new technology, and one that is changing fast. While it’s not likely that the ultrasound market will change overnight and obliterate the need for sonographers, new portable ultrasound machines such as the Philips Lumify or the Butterfly IQ may mean that point of care ultrasound by bedside doctors becomes more commonplace and, as a result, slightly reduces the need for the traditional sonographer. Having a side hustle gives you some financial protection against the changing tides of healthcare as who knows what the future holds in such a rapidly changing world.

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